Well… I FINALLY have a few items listed on Etsy for sale. It may only be five items but it’s progress!

I have trouble getting any good shots of my handmade goods inside the house. There are shadows, details don’t show up well and the picture is just overall dark. Not appealing at all to the consumer!!! I know I could get killer shots outside but considering it was 1 degree outside this morning when I woke up… Mother Nature is really putting a cramp in my progress.

It did warm up to 16 degrees around lunch time so I grabbed the cuff bracelets I had and sucked up the cold for 5 minutes of shots. It was only 5 minutes but dang…. It is freaking cold out there!!! From the batch of bracelets I made, I only have 5 left… So I didn’t have nearly as many bracelets as I do necklaces to snap.

Regardless, the bracelets are up!! It will be a learning curve knowing what to put in all the descriptive boxes but I will learn as I go! I am super excited to get my first order too… See how that process will flow as well!!

We are supposed to get a heat wave by next week… And by heat wave, I mean, in the 30s and 40s!! If that actually happens, I will bundle up to get some more product photos snapped and more items stocked!!

Until then, here are a few items I stocked today…



You can find my shop on Etsy at Sanford & Sisters Handmade Market.

More items to come soon!! Until then I will be praying for Spring and creating more junk goods! :)

Happy Junkin!

It’s all for a good reason…

I have been a HORRIBLE blogger lately!  It has been over two months since I popped on here to update y’all on what I have going on!

BUT… it is for a good reason…


YAH!!!  Believe me, Bocephus is WAY more excited to be a big brother than he looks in that picture above.  :)  In reality, he was way more worried about the treat that I had in my hand than the photo I was trying to capture!

Around the time of my last post – the end of November (how embarrassing..) I was starting to feel ‘different’.  My mood was a rollercoaster, I had aches that surpassed the normal menstrual kind – sorry boys – and my love for ice cream and chocolate was now non-existent.  I was sleeping 10 hours a night but then requiring a nap around the 1 o’clock hour that usually lasted a good 3 to 4 hours.  And the nausea, oh the nausea… it was all day, everyday = 24/7!!

So that could only mean one thing… I had gone and got myself pregnant!!!  :)  We had been trying for a few months now so we were very excited at the news!  We couldn’t WAIT to tell our families!!  We found out the beginning of December so that made for a perfect Christmas present to give the future grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!!

For much of December and January – I have been sleeping, resting, napping, resting, sleeping… you get the point.  So needless to say – the biz and the blog had been put on halt for a few months.  BUT I am happy to announce my energy is coming back and the nausea is now limited to about 20% of my day so work has started to resume to normal!  I have spent some of January working on building up inventory for the Etsy shop, in between naps of course!

Here is a sneak peek…

bracelet necklaces

Awesome, huh?  :)  I can’t wait to show off the rest!

My goal is to have Etsy stocked by mid-February.  I’m trying to work on my product photography skills… the best shots I get come from outside and considering Mother Nature has been on a warpath this winter I haven’t had much of a chance to get outside.  With a big ole high of -1 today, you can see why I am opting to just wait it out!

So… that is where I have been, what I am up too and how I am doing!!  Stay tuned for more..

Happy Junkin!


Oh, the places you’ll go…

I am thankful today for all the opportunities that I have had so far with my business!  I only started my business a few years ago and feel very blessed to have come as far as I have.  I have met some really great, fellow junkers – found a loyal group of followers who love my creations as much as I do – and found a few nesting spots to sell my goods at while I grew my business!  There have been victories, mistakes and experiences that have helped to form my business into what I imagined it to be.

It’s all about risk taking, not being afraid to chase your dreams.  You might fall flat on your face – Lord knows I have – BUT you tried, you grew from that experience and you get back up.

risk*Photo Courtesy via Pinterest*

So here is my newest leap of faith… I am leaving the comfort of Salvage Sisters Antique Market to venture into the world of online shopping and shows.  December 2nd I will no longer be a vendor at Salvage Sisters.  It was not an easy decision to make and I didn’t take it lightly.  But I know in my heart that it was the right decision for me.  Salvage Sisters has been a GREAT location for me to spread my name, make some great new friends and to grow my business.  It is a FANTASTIC store, with so much JUNK goodness inside that I know I must sound crazy for moving out and on to new ventures.

But in the last few months, I have found that my passion lies in handmade and repurposed items.  I LOVE creating new items from old things – items that you never would have imagined!  Taking old spigot handles and making them into a one-of-a-kind necklace – turning an old farm door into a fun, whimsical coffee table – making throw pillows from old flannel shirts… that is where my passion lies.  When I had my booth space at Bird On A Wire – I could still do those items and they sold very well at BOAW but at Salvage Sisters they do not.  Salvage Sisters is more vintage, antiques, painted furniture – things my house is packed with but not the type of things I like to create and sell.  Actually, half of my house has probably been stocked by SSAM vendors! :)

Knowing in my heart that I needed to go back to my roots of creating, repurposing and hand making items – I knew it was time to walk down a new path.  Salvage Sisters will always be a big part of the success I have had so far BUT I feel there is even more success to be had!!  More dreams to chase down!


So what do I have up my sleeve, you ask?  Well – I plan to sell strictly on Etsy for starters.  Yeah, yeah… I know… I have been talking about Etsy for, well, ever now and have no shop to show for it.  BUT there is a good reason to that!!  My jewelry has been selling faster than I can make it!!  Good problem, huh? :)  I have been busy crafting pieces now, though, for the last few weeks and have kept them all to myself – well, till now – so I had inventory to stock the shop with.

I’ve also decided to stock some other items in the shop – smaller, shippable vintage finds and a few other “surprise” sections!!  I’ve also learned my lesson on setting an open date – that I always seem to somehow miserably never make – so when the shop is open, y’all will be the first to know!!

My second bit of news – I have partnered with my good friend Dakota Smith of Sew Gypsy!!  She makes gypsy/boho inspired bags, clothing, home décor, etc.  You might remember her from my post about our show at the Franklin Fall Festival.  Turns out we made for a pretty good team so we have decided to team up for the 2014 show circuit around Central Indiana!!  Stay tuned on here and on my Facebook page for a listing of all the shows we will be attending!

Dakota will also be added as a contributor on my Facebook page – that way she can add photos and updates about her products or any shows that she might be doing solo.  So watch for Dakota’s posts to start showing up on there in a few days!

I know leaving the comfort of a store with a dedicated following might sound, well, a bit crazy!!  I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to have been a vendor at such a great location.  BUT, I feel that the new direction I am taking with my business is more true to my passion and partnering with Sew Gypsy will help to compliment my business.  We make for a good mix of creativity!  So we very much hope to see you at some of our shows in 2014!!!

Oh, the places we’ll go! :)

Happy Junkin!


The house that is a home…

Today, I am thankful for the house that has become our home.


When my husband bought this house back in 2004, we were not together yet.  It was his first leap into homeownership and moving out of the city!  When he bought it, it was in desperate need of some TLC but it had all the requirements that he had on his list.  It was out of the city, had acreage, had plenty of garage space and no one (meaning a HOA) would tell him what he could park in his own driveway.  Well – that last requirement was good until I came along and panicked over the amount of vehicles one man had… but that is another story for another time.

Apparently, the house was one big overgrown mess outside.  I have heard horror stories about the weeds, bushes, trees that had to be cleared out and cleaned up.  Not to mention the previous owners felt that burying 5 gallon buckets and tires around the property was acceptable.  Ugh.  Almost ten years later and I still come across one or the other when I am working in a new part of the property.

By the time I came around in 2006 – the outside wasn’t too shabby, just your typical bachelor pad.  It needed work here and there but for sure was an improvement upon what it was like when he moved in.  But the inside was a whole different story…

P-Nut hadn’t touched the inside and as your typical bachelor, he wasn’t worried about the maroon carpet, or the lavender walls… and yes, that was all in the same room.  It was HORRIBLE people.  Wallpaper… it was EVERYWHERE.  Blech.   It was a bad deal.  As you can imagine when I moved in, I moved in with a lot of work to do on the inside.

The structure of the house was great and there wasn’t any major issues to mess with, thank goodness!  It was just that the décor of the previous owner was probably the worst I had ever seen.  I should have taken before pictures.  ALWAYS take before pictures so you can look back!!  That was one of the lessons I have learned thru all this!

Since the moment I moved in, we have painted everything, remodeled a bathroom & laundry room, new carpet everywhere, upgraded plumbing, updated lighting, refinished the outside porches, added love – in the form of JUNK to decorate the home to our personalities AND this year – had new siding/roof put on the house.

Side Note:  You are officially old when the thought of having new siding and a new roof is equivalent to winning the lottery.

We have slowly ticked away at all the things needed to improve the look and quality of our home.  It hasn’t been overnight – that is for sure.  But it has paid off!!  Usually every Fall I have a list of things I want to get done outside before Winter officially hits… this is the FIRST year that I haven’t had anything to put on my list!!  P-Nut was pretty happy about that. :)

Back in June, we tossed around the idea of moving.  Maybe getting something that was a little bigger, that didn’t share a driveway, that had a few of the things our house now doesn’t have.  We had a realtor come out, look at the house and talk to us about our options.  She even brought us listings that met the criteria of what we might be looking for.  We showed her the house, looked over the listings she brought but were still undecided on what to do.

During that time, I was at my booth in Salvage Sisters and one of the other vendors was working.  She asked what I had been up too and I started to tell her about possibly selling our house, explaining all the reasons but told her we just couldn’t make the final leap to list it.  She proceeded to tell me that her and her husband had bought a big house years ago to raise their kids and it was one of the decisions she has always regretted.  When I asked why, she said because they never saw their kids.  One kid would be in one end of the house, another at the other end and only seeing each other when they passed in the hallway.  She said if she could do it over again, she would have a small house where everyone is together – less room to spread out across.  Not sure her kids would feel that same way :), but I understood completely.

It made sense the more I thought about it that day.  I grew up in what I would call a ‘normal’ sized home and so did my husband – and we turned out okay.  But in todays world – it’s all about bigger is better.  I wanted a bigger house so if we do have kids, there would be room for everyone.  But really – there is plenty of room in our house.  We can make adjustments to create more living space and still be comfortable.  And besides – we have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into working on this house – I’m just not ready to give it up yet.  It is his first house, my first house and one that we have fixed up together and made our home.

A bigger home only means bigger problems and starting all over.  Most of the listings we looked at needed everything we had already done to this house.  Carpet, paint, updated fixtures, etc…  No thanks!  So we made the official decision to stay and I am couldn’t be happier with that decision.  Plus the thought of starting all over and moving, just really gives me a headache!

So today, I am thankful for our home.  A place, that for a long time, I didn’t truly appreciate until recently.

**Thankfully we were lucky that only a few limbs and outdoor decorations were damaged in yesterdays storms.  That was not the case though for many others in communities around Indiana and Illinois.  Thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

Happy Junkin!


A twofer…

Keeping on with my thankful theme this month… I’m serving up two things today because in a round-about way they go together…

First up…


Photo Courtesy via Pinterest

…is all the great friends I have in my life.

When I was in middle and high school, I thought it was about the number of friends you have.  If you have more friends, that means your more popular – more people have your back – more people to support you when you need it – more people to celebrate your ups – help you when your down.

I believe now, that could be farther from the truth.  It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.

And let me tell you – the quality of my friends are priceless.  Not to brag or anything…

Friends are the family that are handpicked!  They drive you crazy just like family but in this case – that’s your fault because you picked them.  :)  When times are good, they are right by your side.  But when the chips are down and times are tough… they are still right by your side.  They might not know the perfect thing to say or how to help you through it, but just being there, regardless, is what makes that person a keeper.

Thankfully, we are blessed with some really great people in our lives.  And we do not take a single one of them for granted.

And lucky for me – because of a simple act of inviting me to her daughters baptism – one of my friends has made a HUGE impact on my life by introducing me to church.

So secondly, I am thankful for the church family we have now.

Now, let me start by saying that when she invited me to go… I groaned at the thought of going to church!  My past experiences at church are very few and far between but none left me with the feeling of wanting to go back.  I usually left feeling picked apart by “regulars” wanting to know where I had been AND trying to understand what the Pastor was even talking about up there.  I always sat in church feeling like I had a neon arrow above my head pointing me out as the new person… or the sinner.

Ridiculous, I know… but that is how I felt.

But when I walked into Emmanuel that Sunday for Gwen’s baptism – it was like a switch was flipped.  The “regulars” were extremely welcoming and no one harassed me about where I had been the last 29 years.  The music was awesome – really made you want to stand up and sing – not stand there and pretend.  And Pastor Danny does an amazing job!  He keeps it fun, honest and real – while still driving his point home.  I walked out understanding EVERY word that came out of his mouth that day.

Since that Sunday in February – we have been every Sunday since, almost.  If we can’t make the services one week, I watch the service on their app.  Yes – that’s right – our church has an app.  :)  I have since joined a bible study class, met some really great new friends and starting in a week – will start volunteering a few times a month.  Boy, how the tides have changed…

I have said it in previous blogs – and I will say it again – our life has literally changed since we started attending Emmanuel – and for the better.  All thanks to a small invitation from a friend.


Photo Courtesy via Pinterest

What are you thankful for today?!

Happy Junkin!


Family… the crazy ones and all…

Continuing on with my thankful posts this month… the next one is a no brainer.

My family.


I didn’t realize how big my family was until I saw this picture.

That is a whole lot of crazy in one picture. :)  But I love every one of them.

Unfortunately – most of them live too far away to see everyday, or even once a month.  Let’s see there is Nevada, Utah, Ohio, Florida, Indiana and South Carolina represented in this photo!  BUT when I do get the chance to see them on holidays or special occasions – we make the most of it!  And how special do I feel that they all flew in, spent vacation time and in Indiana no less, to celebrate our big day!

Now, there is one family member that didn’t make the picture that day but definitely can’t be left out…


My own Uncle “Si”… I swear, somewhere down the line – those two are kin.  Maybe I could talk him into growing a beard like Si?  My aunt might frown upon that.  Anyway, I’m pretty positive that he is part of the reason I am the way I am today.  Everyone in my family has helped to shape who I am today… and since I’m pretty awesome – kudos to you family!  Totally kidding there.  Well, kinda.

No really, I’m kidding.

And I can’t forget the family I “officially” gained in April…


I really couldn’t have asked for a better family to marry into.  My father & mother-in-law are really the best you could come by.  You know you hear those horror stories of “monster-in-laws”… not the case at all here!

Now don’t get me wrong – they are all a little crazy too… but isn’t everybody?

And even though I have “officially” been part of their family since April… they have long since been family in my book – for the last seven years.  When you live AT LEAST two hours from the closest family… and just stopping by on a Wednesday night or calling for impromptu dinner date is no longer an option… they helped make that an option for me again.  And having family that is close – is definitely something I don’t take for granted.

Now, Mamaw & Papaw and Aunt Beverly & Uncle CG – they live in Georgia… SAVANNAH, GA.  Now – while I am bummed that they are 12 hours away… I am NOT bummed that is my travel destination when we go see them.  And P-Nut’s other Great Uncle we don’t get to see often – well, he resides in Tybee Island.  Are you kidding me?!  GORGEOUS there.

I would totally move in a heartbeat.  You wanna talk about a breathtaking town – Savannah & Tybee – are just that.

Well – I have totally wandered off track.  I’m picturing myself on the beach in Tybee, not at my computer in Indiana.  Boo.

But my point is – I am thankful for my family… they are all awesome and I am completely blessed to have them all in my life.

Family is not an important thing, it’s everything – Michael J. Fox

And lastly – if you could all come home for the holidays – I would appreciate it.  :)


Happy Junkin!


Happy November!!

Can you believe it?!  November.  Already.

Where in the heck has the time gone this year?!

November is probably my second favorite month.  I LOVE Thanksgiving!!  You get to spend time with family – without having to show up with a truckload of presents.  You just show up, eat good viddles, catch up on the happenings since y’all saw each other last and then eat again.

OR if you are my family – it usually involves things like this….20121122_145504

That episode of Duck Dynasty and Si on the scooter is running thru your head isn’t it…. :)


ALWAYS have to make a trip to the creek…


And guns… when your Uncle has his own gun shop – you get to shoot with all kinds of fun things!

Now you can see why Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year.  My uncle always has some new gun or gadget or scooter we can play around on.  My sister-in-law spends her day planning her Black Friday shopping schedule – which starts at like 4am.  Crazy… but she gets the deals.  My husband and I usually get my nieces and nephew into some kind of debauchery – while everyone else finishes getting Turkey Day dinner done.  Love it.

I wouldn’t trade that time with family for the world.  Whether they are crazy or not. :)

So to kick off the Thanksgiving Holiday this month, I am going to spend it blogging about some of the things I am thankful for.  I know some people do it daily… and I did that last year via Facebook… but this year I am doing it on here.  Hopefully this will inspire y’all to take a minute or two and think about what you are thankful for this month.  :)

So let’s start this off with a couple obvious ones…


This guy.  Better known on the blog as P-Nut, aka my husband.  After SEVEN years of togetherness, we FINALLY tied the knot.  Yes, I didn’t stutter – seven years… he likes to take things S..L..O..W.  :)  But it was worth the wait!  He is the WHOLE reason why I am able to follow my dreams – he supports me 110%!  He supports me, believes in me – even when I don’t believe in myself and pushes me – even when I don’t think I need it.  Where I slack off – he picks up and where he slacks off – I pick up.  We make a GREAT team.  And the picture above – well our photographer couldn’t have captured the “real” us any better.


And this guy – our ridiculously spoiled mutt named Bocephus.  He has the MOST personality I have EVER seen out of a dog.  He is our child… on four legs.  We don’t have kids – so he gets ANYTHING those sad puppy eyes want.  He has been the best addition to our little family.  I wouldn’t trade him for the world either.  He has me wrapped around his paw – and P-Nut even more so.  If you can believe that is possible.  :)

So those are definitely my two for today.  More to come this month.

Until then – what are you thankful?

Happy Junkin!


Moving, Shifting and Organizing

So I have totally failed on my goal to post on a regular basis.  Life grabbed a hold of me for the last few weeks and hasn’t let go!

BUT I have been able to get a lot of things done these past few weeks!  For starters – I was able to move my booth space within Salvage Sisters!!  I decided to move to a smaller booth for a few different reasons.  I have started making a lot more jewelry – so I would like to have a smaller booth to manage at SSAM.  I also picked up a part-time gig with some good friends of mine, more on that later, so my time is now divided.  Having the smaller space at SSAM will help give me less to manage.

Now – my booth will still be just as JUNKIE as it was before – just on a smaller scale.  And even though it is a bit smaller – I honestly think it has so much more potential – decorating wise – for me.  So I am super excited about it!!  Now – I haven’t been in since I moved the booth, which was October 3rd.  Epic Fail.  BUT I will be in there this week changing it around and giving it a new vibe now that things have slowed down a bit!  Stay tuned for pictures!!

Secondly, I TOTALLY missed my goal for opening my Etsy shop.  I am not real happy about that – BUT it was for positive reasons!!!  I actually sold OUT of all the stock I was going to use to fill the shop up with!!  Between the Franklin Fall Festival and a few other buyers… everything was gone!  I think that is a happy reason why my store didn’t open! :)  So this week I will be working to create more pieces to stock the shop with and HOPEFULLY get Etsy up and running.  Just when I think I am ahead of the game – I fall behind.  haha…

Now for the biggest blessing to fall my direction in the last couple months was a job opportunity with good friends of ours.  We do alright but money is tight – I think that is the case for most people these days – and I had been stressed nearly all summer about our finances.  We get our bills paid, food on the table, gas in the vehicles but that was about it.  I am extremely grateful that we are able to do that – but I wanted to be more “comfortable”.  To be able to go on a mini-vacation here and there when we get invited by friends/family.

The stress finally imploded one fine summer day and I had enough.  But I wasn’t sure what to do… P-Nut didn’t want me back at an office job, I didn’t want me back at an office job… and I was working all angles of my Sanford business with the money I had to work with.  The VERY next day after my breakdown I was invited to go to the lake with a friend of mine.  So I went, figured I needed to just walk away for a few hours and relax.  By the end of the day – I had picked up a part-time gig that was MADE for me.

My friend needed someone to “handle their affairs” (that’s their way of describing my position) and felt that I would be the perfect person.  I could work from home or their home office – which is 10 minutes from my house.  I could work whenever I wanted, as long as the job gets done.  And best of all – it would be organizing and managing their “affairs”.  In a sick way – I have really missed office work like this so I am happy to be back at it on a MUCH more flexible schedule.  Not to mention – when you are self-employed - no matter how hard you work, I have found I lost a sense of purpose.  In the workforce.  I understand that is ridiculous – but it happened.  Now I have that back.  Along with some extra money to help us out and giving my good friends a sense of relief knowing that all their “affairs” are being handled.  It’s a win-win.

At the beginning of the month I also did the Franklin Fall Festival with my friend Dakota – owner of Sew Gypsy.  We had a blast and received great response about our repurposed goods!  So you will want to stay tuned about more shows we do in the future.  I know we are entering into the winter months – so the shows will be less – but come Spring 2014 you better watch for us!  We make a GREAT team and I think it will be a very positive partnership!!

Good things are all around me!  LOVE the positive vibes that are going on!

Now I don’t typically get all sentimental about things BUT I am here for a quick hot minute.  We started attending an awesome church in February of this year and have been going regularly since.  Since then – I have seen some of the BEST opportunities and changes come our way.  Call it what you want – but I am calling it God’s work.  There are many things that we have been dealing with in the last few years and all those kinks are starting to smooth out.  Life has always been good, but now it is starting to be great.  When you put your faith in God – good things happen.

Happy Monday y’all!!

Happy Junkin!



Franklin Fall Festival

It’s official… after a LONG hiatus of doing shows… I am officially jumping back on the wagon this weekend.  I totally should have updated WAY before now but life has been busy, busy, busy!!!

So details are as follows:

What:                Franklin Fall Festival

When:              October 5th, 2013

Rain or Shine!!

Where:             Elite Salon-Spa-Studio Parking Lot

150 West Jefferson Street, Franklin, IN 46131


AND the BIG question I am sure… What will I be stocking at this show?!  Well – I will be featuring my handmade jewelry!!  I am super excited for y’all to come visit the booth and see the jewelry first hand!  I know I have posted a lot of pictures, but let’s be honest – pictures just never do it justice!!

With that said… here are a few They-Totally-Don’t-Do-It-Justice photos of what will be at the show…



Awesome, huh?  You DON’T want to miss it.  And discount to anyone that decides to bring me a Diet Coke or maybe a #9 from Jimmy Johns… unwich, of course… darn Gluten Free nonsense.  Around say the one o’clock hour would be good!

So bossy aren’t I?  :)  A girls gotta eat somehow while she is working!

Now… I must mention that I am sharing the booth with a pretty awesome and talented young lady…. hang on – crap – if I am able to use the phrase “young lady” – I am officially old.  Yup.

But anyway… Dakota Smith will be sharing the booth space with me!  She has officially started her own handmade business called Sew Gypsy.  Catchy, eh?  I love the name… and she is a bit of gypsy herself, so it is fitting.  She makes handmade clothes and accessories that are completely adorable.  This will be her first show EVER… so y’all probably come out, spend money and support her new venture.

But only if you buy from me first…

Totally kidding… well, kinda… ;)

She has been working night and day busting her buns to bring you some gypsy goodness on Saturday so don’t miss it!  As soon as she gets a website up and going, y’all will be the first to know!

I think Sanford’s Junky Jewels and Sew Gypsy are going to make for a great combo on Saturday!!  Maybe this will be a good partnership… a little clothing, a little jewelry… a little Sanford, a little Gypsy.  Maybe a match made in heaven?!  Maybe a match made in the junkyard and gypsy fields?!

With that said… Sanford has more work to do!!!  Hope to see you there!!

Happy Junkin!



Another piece of the puzzle…

As many of you know I currently have a booth at Salvage Sisters Antique Market in Franklin, IN.  It is an awesome store stocked full of all kinds of “junky” goodness.  There are 20+ “sisters” (and one brother) in there with booth displays that will rock your world.

Check the shop out on Facebook if you haven’t yet…. Salvage Sisters Antique Market on Facebook.

I have been a vendor in there now for a few years and love the shop.  I usually buy something EVERY TIME I walk in the shop to work on my booth.  Never fails.

Unfortunately, with the addition of a part-time job I picked up (more on that later), I haven’t had the time to put into my booth that it really requires.  The shop has been so busy lately that, sometimes, it requires stopping in there a few times a week.  Just to “fluff” and add pieces in.

And when your booth looks like crap – so do your sales.

For weeks I have been going back and forth…

Do I just sell online only?  Not have a booth at SSAM anymore…

Do I find a partner to share space with?  Someone to help me pick up the slack

Do I, Do I, Do I….

Ugh.  It was exhausting people.

So I came up with a possible solution – MAYBE the vendor that has the smallest booth in the store would want to trade up for my bigger spot.  Genius.

Where was that idea weeks ago!  A smaller spot would be MUCH more manageable for me AND affordable.  With upgrades we have had to make on our home and other plans that we have in the works… not all of my income from sales can directly go back into the business.  So money has been tight all summer.  Hence my previous post about mass amounts of stress all summer! ;)

Now I just had to HOPE that the girls wanted to do a trade on our spaces.  AND THEY DID!

So here in the next week or so I will be moving my booth space in Salvage Sisters to the other side of the building, to a much more manageable space for me.  And I think… they are thrilled to be moving to a bigger space!  All parties are happy!!

It’s bitter-sweet of course.  Downsizing.  But I think in the long run, I will do better in my new digs!

So if you stop in Salvage Sisters looking for my booth in the coming week or so… I will be in the process of selling off inventory in my bigger spot so it might look a bit empty!!  As soon as I know an official date that my new spot will be stocked and ready – y’all will be the first to know!!!  Our goal is by the weekend of October 4th… which is the Franklin Fall Festival.  Always a busy, busy time.

You should probably go ahead and mark your calendars for that weekend.  LOTS of cool things going on in Franklin that weekend…

1.  Salvage Sisters is having their Anniversary celebration on Saturday

2.  Bird On A Wire is RE-OPENING at her new location on Jefferson St!  Check out her Facebook Page for updates!

3.  There is a new shop coming to town and opening that weekend called Curly Willow Antiques & Treasures.

4.  MANY other shops open to help make a full day of it… Vintage Whimsy, The Marshmallow Monkey, CJ’s Consignment, Thanks for the Thyme and the list goes on…

Stay tuned for updates on my booth… AND more bits of the puzzle… ;)

Happy Junkin!