As luck would have it…

my sewing machine, circa 1960s, broke about a week AFTER I decided to jump back into work and committed to another booth space.  Isn’t that how it usually works?!  It was rugged, old, trusty… well up until a few weeks ago… and it was $20 at a garage sale.  My mother-in-law had found the killer deal a few yard sale seasons ago and picked it up for me.

It had been working nicely until recently.  I let her fiddle with it some but when she couldn’t figure it out, she took it to a local shop for me.  Turns out it would cost around $200 to fix it… yeah, no thanks!  Even the shop owner said he would fix it but it wasn’t worth putting money into it.  So, we donated it for parts.

Now started the stress of trying to figure out what new machine to buy!  I have always been hesitant of new machines, they just look so cheap and full of plastic.  And I wasn’t sure which brand would be best either.  Singer has always been the brand my family used, it was the name I was familiar with but does that necessarily make it the one to go with?  Maybe not.  I tossed around yard sales again – hoping to find another hidden jewel.  But I didn’t want to fight with having it break down a year later.

Ya see, the shop owner that looked over my old machine said the issue had been going on for a while… long enough that the last owner knew it and sold it, before it totally went for broke.  I guess so she could at least make $20 on it… well, I didn’t care to deal with that again so I decided new was the way to go.

I asked around to friends that sew and decided to go with a Brother sewing machine.  I also spent more hours than I should have scouring the internet for reviews on the best Brother machine to suit my needs!  (I tend to over-research things)  I had my mama look it over too – check it out and see what she thought. (and yes, I still check in with my mama at 31 years of age)  She approved, so I proceeded.

Well the new beauty showed up on Friday afternoon!  (Thank the Lord because my poor hands can’t take much hand sewing.  I moved into my new place last week and had to sew EVERYTHING by hand for it… not fun!)

machinephoto courtesy of

I have been making a place for it in our spare room over the last few days… in between play time and feeding time with Junebug so now I am hoping to tinker around with it tomorrow and figure out what the heck I am doing!  It’s much fancier than my 1960s model… ;)

I can’t wait to start making lots of awesomeness on it for y’all!!!  Wish me lots of luck and patience while I learn a new machine!

Happy Junkin!



Back at it!

Well… I am back to work and it feels good! :). Check out all the handmade goodness I have been working on…


Awesome, right!? ;)

Junebug is nearing two months old and doing fantastic! She is keeping my hands full but I find I needed my creative outlet back! So between naps… I am crafting and sewing! And on the weekends, Junebug and daddy get some one on one time while mama goes thrifting for goods!

Works out well for all parties! I am slowly getting my sewing skills back too! I was a pretty damn good seamstress back in the day, but then I just got to “cool” for it. Stupid. Now I am relearning everything!

Starting small…



I am getting back to the blog too! So check back frequently for updates on everything! But until my next blog… You should head down to Franklin, IN and visit my booth inside of Junkey Monkeys shop! ;)

My online shop will be updated in the coming months. It is very out of date since June’s arrival. After I get some extra inventory stocked for my booth, I will tackle getting inventory for my online store!

Until next time! ;)…. Happy Junkin!


P-Nut and I are THRILLED to announce the arrival of our baby girl… June Elizabeth! She made her big arrival into the world on August 2nd at 9:47am… After nearly 24 hours of labor!


She weighed in at 7lb 1oz and 20 inches long at birth. Last Wednesday, at her first appointment, she had already gained back her birth weight AND more! She weighed in at 7lb 4.5oz and 20.75 inches long… Growing girl!!

Becoming a mother is definitely THE best decision I have ever made. I was reluctant at first, wondered if I was truly cut out for the task… But as soon as I saw her, I knew I made the right call. We are both adjusting to our new lives… Daddy and Bocephus too! But I am happy to say everyone is adjusting well!


Last week I decided to tackle her newborn photos… They actually turned out pretty good so I will share those soon. As soon as our internet decides to work properly.. Ugh. It is amazing to me how cooperative she was. :). I would have loved to have a real professional newborn photographer take her shots but the frugal mother in me decided to save the cash and do it myself!!

And this guy….


Has been A-Mazing!! I knew I married him for some reason. ;). He is definitely a hands-on dad! In the hospital, he was on it… Feeding and diapering while I was trying to recover. And since we made it back home, he helps with feedings, diapers… All while taking no time off at work either. I tried to get him to let me take over all the night feedings but he refuses… I love seeing that even though it is 3am, he still wants to be with her!

Told ya he was a keeper.

As for Bocephus… He is doing awesome too. He doesn’t bother her or any of her stuff. Just the occasional sniff as he passes by but that is it! He has adjusted so well after being the only baby in the house for so long! Jury is still out if he will adjust as well once she is on the move. ;)

We want to thank everyone too for their well wishes and compliments! She is well loved already! We have a line of people willing to babysit already… Too bad I am not willing to give her up anytime soon though. ;)

Well… Better go, I have a baby in need of a changin!

Happy Monday!

“Maternity Leave”


As we near to only FOUR weeks until June arrives, I am going on “maternity leave”. What exactly does that mean!?

It means between trying to figure out what the heck I am doing as a new mother, I plan to start stockpiling junk handmade goods for Spring 2015!! Yah!! And I have already started!

I was only able to do a few shows early this year, which really bummed me out! But with my growing belly and being a one man show, I knew lifting displays and product just weren’t an option. I have sold some pieces thru my new website and plan to stock new items throughout the rest of the year. So if you are jonesin’ for some junk inspired goods… You can still find me online!!


Coming Spring 2015 will be more than just jewelry too! My creative juices have been flowing and I have added a few accessories, clothing & home goods. And keeping with tradition, it will all be made with vintage, old, salvaged goods!

As soon as I have the first show booked, y’all will be the first to know…. AND if I decide to venture into the world of booth rent again, y’all will be the first to know that too!

Thanks for your patience the last few months and for the coming months… Becoming a mother is both completely wonderful and terrifying all at the same time. ;).

Keep up with my blog for updates, news and ramblings from the sleep deprived!!

Happy Junkin!

What?!!! July Already!

I’m not sure what the heck happened to the month of June but it went by QUICK!  It was a busy month for us but nothing out of the norm… maybe that pregnancy brain they say you get is a real thing.  I could have sworn the month just started and now we are celebrating the Fourth of July this weekend!

We had our maternity pictures done the week before Memorial Day and they turned out GREAT!  Jessica Limeberry with Lemongrass Photography met up with us.  She did our engagement and wedding photos, so it only seemed right that she capture our maternity pictures!!  I had this grand idea of going to a local park and involving the creek in some photos… well thanks to a storm the night before, the creek was beyond flooded!!  No creek photos unless I wanted to float my way back home.  But regardless, the pictures turned out great.

20140611-112013.jpgPhoto by Lemongrass Photography

This photo was nothing short of a nightmare to capture but she did it!  He was WAY more worried about the ducks and rabbits running around then Jessica trying to capture this shot!

 20140611-111937.jpgPhoto by Lemongrass Photography

This shot… a personal favorite!  Love, Love, Love it!!

We also got to spend a weekend with my two nieces!  Unfortunately, my nephew had a baseball tourney so he wasn’t able to join the party but we still had fun.  My initial plan was to take them to the Indianapolis Zoo… I have been wanting to see the new exhibit they opened so having the girls was the perfect excuse to go.  That was until I looked up ticket prices and for the four of us it would be OVER $100!!!  Are you kidding me?!  That doesn’t even count food, drinks, rides… Ummm.. new plan!

So we went swimming.  It was free and they had a blast.  They were well on their way to sleeping 12 hours Saturday night, but their parents showed up and woke them up!


No one warned me either that when your pregnant – apparently you sunburn easy.  Lesson learned the hard way my friends… I coated the girls nearly every hour in sunscreen, and even coated myself knowing that my poor legs hardly ever catch sun.  Well – it didn’t help.  It was BY FAR the worst sunburn I had ever had in my life.  My poor legs just stopped peeling about a week ago and we had the girls the beginning of June.

And all those remedies you read online?  Mustard, tea bags, aloe – I did it all and the sting was there to stay.  I do believe the combination of all probably helped keep me from blistering BUT all I cared about that night was the sting.  I had to suck it up.  Lesson learned.

We celebrated Baby June with a family style BBQ baby shower!  The traditional baby showers just aren’t for me… and I liked the idea that P-Nut could be involved too.  We had it at our home, grilled out burgers-n-dogs and it was hotter than a two dollar pistol that day.  All sixty some guests were crammed under one tree to get relief from the sun and I swelled out like you wouldn’t believe!

I hadn’t experienced swelling yet as a pregnancy side effect, but I sure did that day.  But it was worth every ache and swollen toe.  We had a great time seeing family and friends that we haven’t seen in a while, all to celebrate Junebug!  If you aren’t a fan of the shower games and everyone staring at you during a small intimate shower, like me, do a BBQ and invite all your friends.  Way better!

The only downside… I was so busy trying to stay cool and rest, while visit with everyone – I didn’t take a SINGLE picture of the party.  Epic fail.

She did receive a ton of goodies to get her started and to help finish off her room.  What we didn’t get as a gift, we were able to buy with the load of gift cards she received!!  Yesterday the UPS man delivered the final items we had on order and I was able to finish her room, for the most part.  She still needs a few odd and ends, but not much!

june room1

Her dresser was gifted to her by a good friend.  I had intentions of just leaving it with the wood look but ended up painting it with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  It really made the dresser pop and I’m glad I ended up doing it.  I also wanted to utilize the top of the dresser as a changing spot… that way once I was done with using the changing pad then the dresser still serves a purpose.  Changing tables are nice but when you are done with them then you are stuck with this big piece of furniture.  This way all I have left is the pad.  I intend to use the wire baskets on the wall to hold all my diaper changing stuff.  That way it is right there, easy access!

The butterflies are vintage 70s décor that were bought off Etsy and her door sign is an old slate chalkboard I found at a local antique shop!

june room3

My favorite part of the room has to be her mobile.  It was handcrafted by a seller on Etsy and I LOVE it.  The birds are sewn with colorful fabric and are tied to actual tree branches!  Her crib we bought new but I love the vintage feel it has.  I attempted finding a vintage crib but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted June in a fresh, new crib!  I was also going to buy a new glider for her room until #1. I saw how expensive they were #2. I saw how little space I had for one.  I ended up finding the rocker at a local flea market for $30!  It cleaned up really well and overall is in great shape.

I added a few accents to the wall – four old wagon wheels from a local antique store for $20.  I used torn strips of an old vintage sheet I had lying around to hang them with.  And of course the letter ‘J’.  I bought it from Hobby Lobby and just added moss to it for a fun, unique look.  (Tip:  If you ever use moss as a craft, be ready for it to get EVERYWHERE!)

As you can see the final item I need to get is her bed skirt, to hide her high chair I plan to store under there until it is needed.  And I’m sure once it is put to use, we will store other stuff under there!

june room2

Her bookshelf happened to be a piece I had leftover from my booth space I used to have.  I gave it a new coat of paint and it was ready for her room.  This piece cost me the price of the paint!  I happened to get it free, gotta love free!  She has a nice little collection of books already started, thanks to all the shower guests!  We requested our guests buy their favorite childhood book in place of a card – perfect idea.  She has a few vintage toys that I purchased off Etsy and from local antique shops, a few toys and blankets she received at the shower and one wind-up dog that I had as a child.

The pillow in her crib was my father-in-law’s when he was a kid, it is still in good shape but the pillow case had seen better days for sure!  So I enlisted my mom (mamaw) to make her a few pillow cases to fit it and match her room.  Mamaw also made her a bonus blanket, one that is similar to one already in her room that my grandma had made me!  She also has a small rocker of her own to sit in that used to belong to my mom, aunt and uncle when they were kids.  I had it in my room as a kid and carried it with me all these years.  Now June gets to use it!

I bought her chalkboard at another local salvage shop and later learned it was made from an old wooden crib… very cool and one of my other favorite pieces in her room!  I love how her room turned out – it is a nice mix between new, old, repurposed, renewed and sentimental pieces.

And speaking of sentimental and old pieces… we managed to get a car GIVEN to us this month!  That kinda stuff doesn’t happen to either of us, I guess until now!  Way back in December, we went back to my hometown to tell my childhood best friend, Jennifer and her parents, that I was pregnant.  Max and Suzanne are my second set of parents, no doubt.  If Jennifer and I weren’t at my house, we were at theirs.

In the midst of telling us about his new car, which was a big deal, Max gifted us with his 1994 Lincoln Towncar.  Now let me start by saying, my husband LOVES older vehicles and LOVES older vehicles that are the size of a boat.  He has always admired Max’s Lincoln over the years.  Let me also add, I hardly have a childhood memory that doesn’t involve Jennifer and I rolling around in the Lincoln.  Max has had it FOREVER and the thought that he was actually wanting to get rid of it was a bit flabbergasting.

Now I’m not sure how it happened, or what all was said, it was all just really a blur after I heard he would GIVE it to P-Nut… but I knew come spring time, we would have a 1994 Lincoln Towncar.  And not just any Lincoln, but Max’s Lincoln… huh?  Right.

And this past Saturday was the big day…


One might think, that knows us, I would be irritated that we are adding another vehicle to our fleet of six for a family of two.  But I’m not, I am THRILLED!  With the exception of my vehicle, the others are nothing I really care to tote my newborn baby around in.  Our 1977 Ford pickup is a beauty but seeing how it dies from time to time, and you never know when… that just isn’t an option.  Our F250 is reliable but FILTHY inside from years of off-road vacations.  And then there is the Crown Victoria, I refuse to drive in it so you know good and well my baby isn’t!

But the Lincoln… that is completely acceptable wheels to drive her around in.  They might not know it, but Max & Suzanne gave an anxious new mother some relief!  After $100 in window motors so the windows will go down and a free detail, the Lincoln will be all ready for June!  Funny to think that the car Jennifer and I spent are childhood riding around in, June will now do the same!  Poor thing.  ;)

And the “vic”, well it is going to be going to a new home as well.  We are paying it forward and giving it to his best friend, who currently drives a truck that gets about 3 mpg.  Well not really 3 mpg, but not too far off!  So we won’t have a vehicle surplus for too long… maybe.

Now can you see why I’m wondering what happened to the month of June?!  We were busy, busy and it flew by!  I spent last month, and probably much of this month enjoying family and friends before we enter the world of new parents.  Not much work on my business has been done, but after I settle in to new motherhood – I plan to be back.  Probably Spring 2015 at local shows, but you will still be able to purchase online and see new items via my blog and Facebook – just not as much as you have been.   Now we welcome July and in roughly a month (holy crap… a month) we will be welcoming our first baby into our family.

Something tells me this month will fly by too….

Happy Junkin!


New JUNK inspired jewelry STOCKED!!

Hope y’all had a great Memorial Day weekend!! Back to the grind today… So hard after a long weekend. We stuck around the house all weekend and didn’t do much but I was okay with that! The weather was PERFECT all weekend, although I could have done without the humidity yesterday. Good ole Indiana heat. :)

Today I started my every two weeks visits to the doctor and I am happy to say that mama & Baby June are still doing great! Once you start going every two weeks, you start to really feel that you are on the last leg of this journey. My hips and back are starting to really bother me but that’s par for the course!

After our check-up I hustled back home to finish posting more jewelry in my online shop!! So make sure you check it out…

Sanford’s Online Shop

Here are a few shots of the items offered!!






Those are only a few of the items so head over to the shop and look around!! Even more coming later this week too! Yah!!

And if you have any questions or trouble on the shop site, just let me know! It is a new site for me so I am hoping all the kinks are worked out already! :). But ya never know!

Happy Junkin’

Sanford’s Online Market

I have been working all week on a new website where I can sell my goods and I think I have found it!

I initially started on Etsy.  I LOVE Etsy.  I spend a lot of money on Etsy.  I spend a lot of time surfing Etsy.

But unfortunately, for me, I was not as fond of it when it came to actually selling on Etsy.  I did everything the way they tell you too.  Good photos, good descriptions, good tags… but never a sell.  So what gives?  I decided to do an investigation on my own to figure out what the deal was.  So first, I decided to search by category and broke it down into the subcategories as far as I could.  After going thru what felt like 100 pages of search results… nothing.

Okay… so I searched some of the tag words I know I included in my item post.  Even after that, nothing.  Now I get that I am new to the site and I am sure search results are somewhat based on the shops popularity, etc.. but dang.  Searching my own tag words and getting as specific as I could, still left me empty-handed.  I have concluded that Etsy, while in my top five of favorite websites, is not a good fit for me.  It seems to be so popular now that it is over saturated and many items for sale must go unseen to some shoppers.  Good for the consumer to have so much variety to choose from, bad for the seller who is trying to get their product out there.

So now what?  Where do I go from here?  After some research and asking around I decided to try my luck on the Square Market.  It is run by the same company that runs the Square reader – the credit card hub you see many small businesses like myself use.  I am already all set-up to run credit cards on there, my banking is all set-up and business information so all I had to do was add some shop information and inventory.  The only downside is that it is fairly new, so with most new things I am sure there will be bumps along the way.

The overall look of my storefront is much less cluttered than I felt it looked on Etsy, very simple and to the point.  I like that.  Also, to post an item for sale – MUCH EASIER.  On Etsy you have to fill out about a 30 question quiz before the item ever gets posted, as you might imagine that doesn’t make me super excited to sit down one day and inventory more than 5 items at a time.  With Square Market, much easier and customers still get all the information they need about the item.

So Wednesday I took the time to set-up the shop, get all the important information in there and work on photos for the main site.  Yesterday, I inventoried a few items to see how the process flowed and officially opened the shop!!  YAH!

main2Nice, clean & crisp storefront!

mainpageAnd inventory being stocked!!

Looks so good and I am happy with the results so far!!  Let’s hope the happiness continues! :)

We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us so I probably won’t get anything stocked in the next couple days but next week I plan to get the majority of the necklaces I have ready to ship stocked on here!!  So stay tuned for more items and in the meantime, share Sanford’s new storefront with all your friends!!

Have a great weekend!!

Week 27

As previously mentioned… My husband and I are expecting our first child in August. Last Thursday marked 27 weeks and the beginning of the third trimester (depending on which experts calendar you choose to follow).


The photo above was taken about three weeks ago in Florida… The belly has grown greatly since. At least it feels like it has!! I must say I have been pretty lucky so far this pregnancy. Going into this whole adventure, I wasn’t sure how I would handle it…

I’m not gonna lie, the thought of pregnancy and mainly the delivery sent me into a full blown panic. I cry worse than most children at the THOUGHT of a shot… Let alone all that goes on during carrying and delivering your little bundle of joy. I wondered… Am I cut out for this? Will I make it past the first blood draw? What if, what if, what if? And dear Lord, the delivery… The epidural, the contractions, the DELIVERY…

BUT somewhere along the way last year, I decided I wanted to have a child of my own… No matter what kind of fears I had about it. Now whether or not I decide to have more in the future, I will let you know sometime after August 7th. ;). Jury is still out on that.

I have been pleasantly surprised with my pregnancy so far! I did face nausea the first three months but just napping thru it seemed to help. I had also never had my blood drawn, at least not that I remember and I survived that. (I may or may not have cried like a kid who just smashed their hand in the car door, but nonetheless… I survived.)

During the second trimester is when I really noticed my belly “pop” as they call it…


Sleeping is getting to be more of a challenge. I am pretty sure our dog is fed up with me tossing and turning all night. (Yet not fed up enough to sleep in his own bed). Indigestion has set in after I eat pretty much anything… I could probably roast marshmallows in my throat. But aside from those few things… I feel pretty darn good and blessed so far!

Well, that was until last week…

I managed to survive all winter without getting sick… YAH!… I was so worried I would end up with the flu, which wrecked havoc all over our town all winter. I felt a small victory on my part.

It was short lived. I woke up at 2am last Tuesday with the stomach flu. My husband and I both had it. Awesome. And while he bounced back by Thursday… I was still down and out. And stayed down until yesterday! It was AWFUL.

Having the stomach flu while pregnant = my own personal nightmare

You know when you are preggers and you feel those wonderful movements in your belly of your baby having its own karate competition… While good to know she is feeling better than you are given the circumstances, not so good on the nausea your feeling!

But… Again, I survived. As of our last appointment, Baby June is doing great and mama is doing great so far. We have another appointment tomorrow for my glucose test and check-up… I am sure everything will go great tomorrow too. (Feel free to say a prayer tonight that I don’t make a fool of myself and cry like a baby at the blood draw…)

And how is the dad to be doing? He is doing great! He has been super helpful throughout the whole process and very patient during my nights of tossing & turning! Luckily, for him, I haven’t had any of the weird, middle of the night cravings forcing him to run into town for pickles and ice cream BUT he has made a few trips on his way home from work to the Dairy Queen. :).

Taking him to Buy Buy Baby to register might not have been my best idea to date. He snagged the scanner before I even had a chance too and went a little crazy with it…

“Well, this might…”
“…be cute”

“What do you…”
“…think about this?”

“This would…”
“…work perfect”

Yes. That is how it went all day. And when I really wanted him to scan something, he was missing… Only to be found scanning food, that will be expired by the time she can eat it. Smh…

So now with the room finished, registry done… We sit back and wait for the shower and her arrival!!

As the third trimester progresses along… I will keep everyone posted. We are both starting to get pretty excited for Baby June to be here and start our adventure as new parents! Not so sure Bocephus is as excited to be ‘big brother’ instead of just an only child… But he is such a lover, I am sure he will adjust… Eventually!

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

It’s official… I am the worst blogger out there.  Seriously, FEBRUARY since my last post!  Ridiculous.

Apparently, I have decided to take a vacation throughout the winter and into early spring!  But good news – I am back now!  For real!

So what the heck have I been doing?  Everything!  As I mentioned way back months ago, I am preggers – so for me that means – hurry up and work yourself crazy starting home projects!  Isn’t that what y’all do when you find out your pregnant?  Oh… just me… figures.  After I made it thru the first trimester full of nausea and naps – I entered the second trimester with a list a mile long!  No  joke.

The list included:

-paint ALL the fake ugly wood trim in my entire house

-paint ALL the fake ugly wood doors in my entire house

-paint ALL the fake ugly chair rail throughout my living room & dining room

(are you seeing a trend here…)

-change all the brass (ugh) doorknobs in my entire house to a more pleasing brushed nickel

(doorknobs are freaking expensive by the way…)

-add Airstone to the back-splash of our kitchen

-paint the laundry room and completely re-decorate the room

-turn my office/craft room to an office/guest room… which meant paint and completely re-decorating the room

-turn the guest room into a nursery for Baby June… which needed drywall work and more paint

(did I mention we are having a girl.. and her name will be June Elizabeth!  yah!!)

-gut and remodel our guest bathroom… which of course included mold and plumbing issues


AHHH… the joys of being a homeowner!  Luckily, MOST of this list is done… just a few more doors to paint and my wonderful father-in-law will be making a visit to put the Airstone up in the kitchen.  BUT other than that, this list is complete!  YES!

Thankfully, we have some pretty awesome friends and family that helped out with that list so it all didn’t fall into our lap!  I probably would have ended up divorced and homeless if we had to do it all ourselves.  HA.  Now I can officially get back to a normal schedule, enjoy the third trimester that starts here in a week or two and enjoy life!  It is nice to be able to enjoy the weekends now, instead of filling them with projects to get finished!

We were able to enjoy six days in Florida with my mama a few weeks ago (more on that in another post) and last weekend celebrated our ONE year anniversary already!  Time flies!!  We kept the celebrating low-key with lunch and ice-cream down in Nashville, IN then topped the night off with year old wedding cake… which believe it or not… wasn’t bad at all.  I did make him take the first bite though – you know, looking out for the baby’s safety. ;)  Don’t want to eat anything that might hurt her! hehe…

Stay tuned for LOTS more posts and information regarding my Etsy shop and where you can find me selling my salvaged goods!  It’s good to be back!

Happy May everyone!





Well… I FINALLY have a few items listed on Etsy for sale. It may only be five items but it’s progress!

I have trouble getting any good shots of my handmade goods inside the house. There are shadows, details don’t show up well and the picture is just overall dark. Not appealing at all to the consumer!!! I know I could get killer shots outside but considering it was 1 degree outside this morning when I woke up… Mother Nature is really putting a cramp in my progress.

It did warm up to 16 degrees around lunch time so I grabbed the cuff bracelets I had and sucked up the cold for 5 minutes of shots. It was only 5 minutes but dang…. It is freaking cold out there!!! From the batch of bracelets I made, I only have 5 left… So I didn’t have nearly as many bracelets as I do necklaces to snap.

Regardless, the bracelets are up!! It will be a learning curve knowing what to put in all the descriptive boxes but I will learn as I go! I am super excited to get my first order too… See how that process will flow as well!!

We are supposed to get a heat wave by next week… And by heat wave, I mean, in the 30s and 40s!! If that actually happens, I will bundle up to get some more product photos snapped and more items stocked!!

Until then, here are a few items I stocked today…



You can find my shop on Etsy at Sanford & Sisters Handmade Market.

More items to come soon!! Until then I will be praying for Spring and creating more junk goods! :)

Happy Junkin!