More Social, Less Media

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I did it.  I took a huge step in getting away from the hole that social media sucks you down.  I deleted all social media from my cell phone yesterday.

Facebook… gone.

Twitter… gone.

Google+… gone.

Pinterest… gone.

The only app that I kept was Instagram.  I LOVE photography and looking at photos so I decided it was legit to keep that.  And besides, I follow a handful of people and it’s just people sharing their lives thru picture.  Not people sharing their lives thru their drama.

I will be the first to admit I had become addicted to all forms of social media.  And not because I posted a lot or because I had to know what’s going on.  Because I was filling a void.  What I thought was boredom.

Driving in the car… check Twitter.  Waiting in the doctor’s office… check Facebook.  Sitting at a family function with family I haven’t seen in a while… show them what I pinned yesterday.  Watching television with P-Nut and Bocephus in the evening… check Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest then loop back around.

Ridiculious.  It had become a bad habit in my life and it needed to stop.

I have actually been wanting to delete Facebook for some time now.  BUT you must have a personal page to have a business page.  And I also like to post things here and there for my family I don’t see a lot, to see what I am up too and share photos with them.

Facebook anymore is full of people sharing recipes, “if you share this you will win a new car”, funny/inspirational/stupid quotes & pictures… OR it’s telling me who liked whose picture or status update.  And half the time, I have no clue who some of the people are.

BUT… Facebook is a good business tool… so I am stuck.  People I could have never reached before follow me on Facebook and I love interacting with other people who share a common love of JUNK!  I like the inspiration that others share and I love to find other businesses like mine that I otherwise would have probably never found.

Twitter… I just don’t get it.  Maybe I don’t have enough followers but I find it completely pointless.  I have tried to get invested in it, but I find myself tweeting just to tweet.  Silly if you ask me.  So that wasn’t so hard to delete.

I LOVE Pinterest, I get so many good ideas from there BUT it really needs to be something I pop on for a short amount of time in the evenings or something.  Not something I spend half the work day on.

Now I know that social media is a HUGE part of being successful with a business these days.  You get followers on Facebook, send out tweets about this, Facebook news about that… but to me, learning to rely less on social media and more on actual personal interaction, like back in the good ole days… is what I want to strive for.  Both personally and professionally.

I want to live more, stare at a computer screen less.  Experience new things, go new places, try new things… not lose half my life to scrolling thru mindless drama, recipes I can google on my own and pictures of grumpy cat that are just old at this point.

When I have down time with my husband… I want to spend that time completely focused on that.  Whether it be watching TV, on one of our off-road trips, eating dinner on the back porch, in the car on the way to wherever or taking Bocephus on a walk.  Not half listening to him and half scrolling thru Facebook because it gives me something “to-do”.

When I am sitting around with family during the holidays… I want to spend that time catching up with them since I saw them last, taking pictures of everyone together, playing with the kids, aggravating our parents or siblings.  Not half listening to them and half scrolling thru Twitter… something I find pointless to begin with.

And when I am at dinner with my friends… I want to discuss our lives and dreams we have, or trips we want to take… not who said what on Facebook, or let alone not even listening to them at dinner because I am busy scrolling thru Facebook.  Totally been guilty of that.

I think this world needs a little less dependence on social media as a form of entertainment and a little more focus on getting back to actually picking up the phone and calling someone.  A little more focus on who you are with at the time and a lot more putting your cell phone in your purse and leaving it there.


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I’m pretty excited actually about this new little step I’m taking.  Maybe you could use this as motivation to do the same?

My only way to check Facebook now is via my desktop computer in my office.  I am typically only in my office in the mornings to check emails, blog, etc… So I figure that only gives me one shot to check everything.  That is plenty.

Heck, some days I don’t even come in my office… I go straight to my workshop.  That will be the true test, to see if I can go a whole day without checking it.

Laugh all you want about that… but have you deleted everything off your cell phone?  You don’t realize how much life you miss by playing on your cell phone until all those apps aren’t there and you ACTUALLY interact with human beings, not their avatars.

So from here on out, my blog will become my main source of sharing both personal and professional happenings… might as well save it to your favorites now.  :)  And my Facebook business page will be the only page you see any kind of posts from me.  I am even considering taking my personal page down to nothing… but one step at a time.  :)


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So now, I will jump off my soapbox and get some work done.  There is painting to be done, another room reveal to prepare for and a Jillian Michaels work out ready to kick my butt!

Happy Junkin! And Happy Living!



Weekend “Off”

First off… we started the long weekend “off” with a birthday celebration!  Our kid, who happens to walk to four legs instead of two, celebrated his 5th birthday!  And yes, I know to some people it is ridiculous to celebrate a dogs birthday… but frankly, I don’t care.

He is by my side about 80% of the day and goes almost everywhere that I do.  The whole theory of “he is just a dog” doesn’t apply to us.  He is our four-legged child.  Nuff said.  So when his birthday came around we celebrated with more walks than on a typical day, more car rides than on a typical day AND his fav – ice cream…


Can’t you just see the excitement in his eyes? :)


YUM!!  Happy 5th Birthday Bocephus!!!

Now for the Fourth of July… most people think cookout, adult beverages, swimming and things that go boom!  I mean come on… it’s the FOURTH OF JULY!!!  America’s birthday!!!

Well, not for me.  We were invited to a few shindigs this year but they were in the days after the 4th and we didn’t really have much going on.  Somehow that turned into me starting a total workshop overhaul.  Good call.

By the end of the day I was hot, nasty, smelly, covered in filth and only about 50% done.  So much for getting it all done in one day.  All my “quick” projects seem to turn into much more complex and time-consuming projects.  You would think I might learn one day.  Nope.  Finally at 11PM… I called it quits.

Being the Fourth of July and all… I did take a minute to snap a picture with my cell phone to recognize the day and celebrate via all social media networks like everyone else does these day. :)  Thanks to my old 77 Ford, a nod to Richard Petty and of course, the flag – I believe I snapped a pretty patriotic picture!!


Friday morning I woke up with the intentions to finish what I started but that didn’t happen.  We ended up heading out for our friends cookout a lot earlier than we planned but I’m not complaining!

I enjoyed the break from being ankle-deep in cobwebs and mouse poop.  (I’m telling ya… it wasn’t pretty people)

I had promised to make a dish and bring it for the cookout… so I popped on Pinterest to find a fun, easy, outdoor friendly, cheap idea for a dish.  And I found one!!


Marshmallow, blueberries, strawberry, brownie and repeat.  Super easy!!  Thanks to the brownie being in the mix, I couldn’t partake, but they seemed to be a hit at the party!!  I know they looked delicious!  Highly recommend you try it out next time you have to take a dish to a pitch-in!

I love it when a Pinterest recipe doesn’t disappoint.  Some recipes I try end up being epic failures… like the Paleo fish sticks I tried earlier in the week.  Not so good.

Saturday rolled around and it was back to work… I was busy on the road doing some pickin’ and snagging up materials I need for projects I have planned.  Once I got back home, I went outside to tackle the workshop some more but only lasted a few hours before I needed to get inside and showered.

We spent Saturday evening with some friends and family, watching the neighbors annual fireworks extravaganza and enjoying an evening around the fire.  So far this summer the weather has been perfect, in my opinion.  Now others would prefer it much hotter, like it happens to be today, but me – I was enjoying the high 70s and overcast just fine.

Sunday was the day I knew I had to finish the workshop.  I finished up a few more things after we got home from running errands and I stayed out there until 11PM again but I STILL wasn’t done.  UGH.

So FINALLY, last night after a day of picking and working in my booth, I made myself go out there and get it FINISHED!!!!  And I did!  Now since I decided on a total whim to re-do the workshop… I didn’t take a single before picture.  But it wasn’t pretty.  Just take my word for it.

But now…




AHH… MUCH BETTER!!!  Now, there are still a few things that need to be finished but this was a big chunk of what needed to be done.  I still have a wall of shelving/storage that needs to be organized BUT that will be an easy one-day task.

haha… see there I go again, thinking something will take one day when in reality… will probably take 3!

I hope that rest of y’all had a wonderful holiday weekend!!  Even though I did some work over the weekend I still really enjoyed it and had a great time with family and friends.  Now, it’s back to work!

Happy Junkin!